DASS-343 LIKE LIKELIKELIKE His older brother, who lives with him, found a beautiful girlfriend through a matching app. She installs the app partly because shes angry at her brother who looks down on her with a triumphant look on his face. However, no matter how many likes I sent, I couldnt find a match and was disappointed, but finally she matched! Moreover, among the people I liked, I thought she was particularly cute, so I sent her a message to get my heart racing. However, she returned with a harsh reply, Know whats going on with her. It seems that she has been matched only to stir things up. As she trembles in anger, she notices a strange button on the screen. When she tapped it, a screen appeared that said she could send a brainwashing like by paying a fee. She was so pissed off that she impulsively tried to charge and send brainwashers. Then, all of a sudden, the replies from her girlfriends changed completely! ?

Actors: Misono Waka